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Rapper-actor Ludacris (born Chris Bridges) was awarded full custody of his 13-month old daughter this week. In a statement made to People, Luda said “After review of all the evidence, the testimony of the witnesses, the report of the guardian ad litem, and the claims made throughout this entire...


This German Shepherd is in for a surprise


Get your hankies ready. This shepherd’s solider owner has been deployed overseas. Watch the dog’s reaction as he returns from fetching a ball and unexpectedly sees his pal. Never underestimate the power of love between people and their pets! If you liked that, then here are some more happy...


Puppies slipping on ice


Are you snowed in? Looking for a little entertainment to keep your mind off the frigid weather outside? You’re in luck. These dogs all went out into the nasty weather and let’s just say they aren’t exactly graceful on the ice. What they lack in grace, they make up for in cuteness. You’ll...

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The best corporate tweets


“Corporate tweets” might not sound like a very promising title, if you’re looking for funny. But these companies have mastered the art of hilarity on Twitter. You’ll see what I mean in a minute. Taco Bell ...


Their own language


What do you think these cats are saying to each other? I think they’re discussing dinner plans. Or maybe just talking about the weather. Looks like this dog wants to learn how to speak Cat. Maybe he’ll clue us in.   ...




As we’ve seen, some people have really unique styles when it comes to their manicures and pedicures. That doesn’t excuse this guy’s Facebook post. Holy crap, I hope this was a prank. That’s one of the most disgusting set of feet I’ve ever seen. “Take that gun and...


Nice honkers!


These dogs all have one thing in common: they’ve learned to honk a car horn. It’s especially funny when they’re barking at the same time. Impossible not to laugh at this!   ...


Hilarious Snapchats


Not ALL Snapchat pictures are sexy or raunchy. Sometimes they’re downright funny. Check out this hilarious gallery of the most clever and creative Snapchats. [Show thumbnails] ...


Taylor Swift bares it all


Well, not exactly ALL, but Taylor has finally put all those weird rumors to rest and revealed her… belly button. The songstress, who has won a whopping 245 awards over the course of her career so far, has famously shied from revealing her navel. In an interview with Lucky magazine, she once said...