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A screaming good time

goat scream

Woah. Did you know that goats sound just like people when they scream? It’s uncanny. And hilarious! The goat at 1:12 should do voice-overs for horror movies. This week in the UK, two goats screamed so loudly that neighbors called police, thinking a child was in danger. Police actually dispatched...

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Is yoga on your list of things to try this year? Do you have pets? If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, you’d better watch this video first. And one more for good measure. Lesson learned: pets do not give a f*ck about yoga and will interrupt you in every way possible. So keep...


Jared Leto takes it all off


… his hair, that is. The man-beauty recently cut off his trademark locks and shaved his face for his role as the Joker in the upcoming film “Suicide Squad.” Leto, 43, posted a photo of the hair massacre on Instagram, then later posted an ‘after’ shot. What do you think?...

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Will Kanye’s apologies be accepted?


Kanye West went on a rare apology spree over the weekend. He issued his mea cuplas in the most sincere way possible – via tweets. First up, Beck. Then Bruno Mars. And then, he supposedly apologized to Amber Rose for their recent public feud. Although that one didn’t happen on Twitter. No...

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BIG cats in boxes


Housecats are like the ultimate cheap date. They usually don’t need much to keep them happy: they love playing with string and cardboard boxes. Apparently, big cats are the same way. Check out these ferocious big cats playing like little kittens. Sweet. ...

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You had me at hello

talking dog

Seriously, would it freak you out if you walked by this gate and he said HELLO to you? My dog accidentally said WOAH once and it blew my mind. You know who wouldn’t be impressed by this dog? ...

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Gas fumes get to you?


This person isn’t just confused about which side of her car the gas tank is on, she seems to be confused about how gas tanks work.  Hint — the gas tank doesn’t switch sides. It stays in place on one side or the other. Here’s a compilation of some of the worst parking jobs you’ve...

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Have a golden day


It’s pretty difficult to be sad when you’re laughing, right? Check out this super sweet video of Golden retrievers. They’re nature’s clowns. Goldens don’t always act like doofuses though — check out this heroic mama dog rescuing her pup from drowning! Good girl. ...


How’s Lindsay Lohan doing these days?


It seems that we haven’t heard much from Lilo in a while, after years of non-stop drama and trainwreck stories. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Judging by these new pics of Linds, taken at London Fashion Week, she’s looking healthier than she has in a while.   London living is doing...